We got our first GSD  in 1999 as a graduation gift.  His name was Rocky and he was an incredibly intelligent and loyal companion. Then in 2006 we found a feisty little female that we fell in love with, and we named her Tanya.  We didn't plan on breeding but with a little persuasion from family, we had our first litter in 2008.  And from there our love of the breed grew.

We are now a family of 4 with 2 young kids that just love the dogs and puppies to pieces! We own 5 females, Lilac, Rain, Luna, Sierra and Bailey.  We have 2 amazing males, Creole and Vader.  The females are between 80 and 95 pounds, and the males are around 100 to 115 pounds. Our dogs are incredibly patient and loyal towards our children and visitors.


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